Ross Bailey & Katie Gillen

The Cottage Vineyard and Winery continues to grab the attention of many far and wide and with good reason we all know, with the addition of this feature article on the Wander North Georgia website. Here is what they had to say about our great winery, entertainment and hospitality.

"Next on our stop was The Cottage Vineyard and Winery [2] in Cleveland, Georgia. The vineyards and wineries in Cleveland are only about a 15 minute drive from Helen. As you’re driving you will see mountains dotting the horizon. The views become even better as you pull up to the Cottage Vineyard and Winery. At first you will see rows and rows of grape vines, and as make your way to the winery you will see it appear at the base of the surrounding Blue Ridge mountains.

Like Habersham, The Cottage Vineyard and Winery offers wine slushies and a bevy of wines including one made of blackberries. The hallmark of the Cottage Vineyard is the hospitality and warmth of the staff. In this friendly atmosphere we were encouraged to make ourselves at home, and even fire up the grill if we got hungry while listening to live music and enjoying the picturesque view. The Cottage is an ideal spot to spend an entire day or celebrate an occasion with friends and family."

To read more about the Cottage and other wineries you can visit after you visit ours or course, jump over to their website by clicking the image above and read more!